Before visiting please familiarize yourself with the location of the scenic spots and check the map.

This is a map of recommended wheel-chair accessible trails in Yangmingshan National Park. These planned routes offer a day-tour for wheelchair users arriving in cars or public buses and is based on the experiences of wheelchair users. The information presents several trails for gentle hikes, providing wheel-chair accessible bathroom facilities, parking lots, offering visitors more options for family tours.
Recommended wheel-accessible trails in Yangmingshan

Recommendations Day-Trip Routes for Wheelchair Drivers by car.



1. Route: Erziping, Zhuzihu, and Sulfur Valley Recreation Area

Approximate Time: 7 hours

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2. Lengshuikeng Visitor Center and Menghuan Pond --

Approximate Time: 6 hours

Route:Lengshuikeng Visitor Center -->Jingshan Suspension Bridge Menghuan Pond


3. Yangmingshuwu--> Flower Clock--> Longfenggu--> Sulfur Valley

(about 8 hours)


4. Xiaoyoukeng Recreation Area and Zhuzihu – for hand-pushed wheelchairs

Route: Xiaoyoukeng Recreation Area, Zhuzihu Ponlai Rice Foundation Seed Field Story House and Zhuzihu

Approximate time: 7 hours

Recommendations Day-Trip Routes for Electric Wheelchairs by Public Transportation


1. Lengshuikeng ->Jingshan Suspension Bridge (about 5~


2. Longfenggu ->Sulfur Valley Wheelchair-accessible Trail (about 5~6hours) (click here)


3. Xiaoyoukeng ->Xiaoyoukeng bridge->different routes for pedestrians and vehicles at Cherry Blossom Lake ->Zhuzihu and Dinghu by Yangjin Highway -> hydrangea garden -> Ponlai Rice Foundation Seed Field Story House (about 7~8 hours) (click here).

This map of routes to scenic spots can be used as a reference.


4. Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence → Yangmingshuwu → Datun waterfall → Flower Clock → Visitor Center → Wang Yang-Ming statue → Xiaoyintan → Grass Mountain Chateau→ return

(click here)

Those with electric wheelchair users need to be physically fit to keep up.


5. Xingtian Temple → Visitor Center → Azalea and Camellia Garden → Xiaoyintan → Wang Yang-Ming statue → Flower Clock → return (about 5~6 hours) (click here)


Public transportation to scenic spots




Video introduction of each wheelchair accessible sites.


Wheelchair-accessible Hotels


Available barrier-free facilities at the scenic spot